Our Baby Planning & Maternity Concierge Services

Selling baby products is a $240-million-a-year industry. What that means to you is that there is a lot of junk being sold out there that you don't need. But what is the good junk and what is the bad? Many new parents find themselves confused and overwhelmed with all the baby product information and choices. That's one of the reasons Itsabelly Baby Planners was conceived. We have coached countless parents like you who want the peace of mind of trusted information tailored to your needs without hours and hours of research. Below is a list of our baby planning and maternity concierge services that will help make the new baby experience that much better.

Maternity Concierge

New Parent Education

Baby Registry Consultation

Child Proofing

Nursery Design

Go Green Baby 101

Child Care Sourcing

Baby Gear Consultation

Referral to Qualified Health Practitioners

Our Business Services

Itsabelly offers companies grass roots marketing focused on the new parent and expecting parent target market via our programs noted below. If you're interested in more information please send in an inquiry form.


Help for Aspiring Baby Planning Businesses & Established Brands

Itsabelly has a tremendous amount of first hand knowledge about how to launch a business successfully and survive its challenges. Through our various offerings we can help aspiring entrepreneurs or already established brands build their business model. If you need help please contact us by sending in an inquiry form.

Complimentary Consultation

We offer a complimentary consultation to expecting parents, new parents or thinking-about-becoming parents. Please call 877-280-9540 or click info@itsabelly.com for more information.