Baby Planner Buzz

2009 Media Buzz

AOL Small Business Baby Planning Businesses Grow Despite Recession, 12/28/09

American Express Open Forum Baby Planning Business Booming, 12/28/09

Working Mother Magazine, features Baby Planners February/March 2009 Issue

BetterTV, Fox12, Save Big Bucks & Go Green on Baby Retail, 3/10/09

BetterTV, Fox12, A Baby Planner Can Show You How to Make Baby Food, 2/09

Parenting Magazine, features Baby Planners, Outsourcing Parenthood, 2/09

2008 Media Buzz

The Parent Map Features Itsabelly, Put Me in Coach - Parents Get Help from Parenting Pros, 11/28/08

Toronto Sun, Baby What a Business (features Itsabelly), 11/19/08

Yahoo! News Baby Planning Business Thrives in Tough Economy Features Sweet Pea Baby Planners, 11/08

5280: Denver's Magazine Baby Steps Featuring Sweet Pea Baby Planners 11/08

Washington Times, These Planners Deliver Everything But Your Baby, 11/2/08

CBS TV - Having a Baby? Now You Can Hire a Baby Planner. (NBPA Featured), 10/23/08

Baby Lifestyles Features NBPA, 10/2/08
Baby Planners Will Guide You Through a Stress Free Pregnancy

Boulder County Business Report Features NBPA, 9/3/08
Baby Planners Help Answer Questions for New Parents

The Washington Post Newspaper Features NBPA, 9/28/08
It's All Part of the Plan features Itsabelly, "Portland's Itsabelly Buys Seattle Baby Planners and Adds a Dash of Green", 8/30/08

The Boston Globe Features The Baby Coordinators & Perfecting Expecting, 8/25/08
Easing Parent-to-be Overload

Canadian News - Features Itsabelly, 8/5/08
Baby Proofing

Austin Woman Magazine Features NBPA & My Baby Concierge, 8/08
My Baby Concierge

Evening Magazine, 8/4/08
Baby Planners Take the Stress Out of Having a Baby

The Chicago Tribune, 8/2/08
Having a Baby You May Need a Plan

Ground Report ?Baby Planners Are Latest Accessory for the Wealthy and Overwhelmed?, 8/08

The Denver Business Journal ?The baby is here but what do we do next??, 7/08

North Denver News Features Sweet Pea Baby Planners, 6/19/08
Featured Entrepreneur

Washington Post's, 6/4/08
Green Baby Mama

Good Day Colorado, ?Smart Money advice from a Baby Planner? 06/08, 5/25/08
Luxury Services for Pregnant Women Are Booming

The Oregonian-Mom Beat, 5/23/08
More Moms Turning to Pros to Help Them Plan for Baby

Newhouse News Service, 5/21/08
Looming Parenthood Stressful? Hire a Baby Planner

ABC Nightline, 5/14/08
Baby Planner - Inside the booming business of baby planning.

The Oregonian, 5/9/08
Baby Colors? Add Green to Classic Pink & Blue Living Section, 4/29/08
Luxury Pregnancies

Fox12 BetterTV, 4/29/08
Baby Gear Must-Haves, 4/21/08
Baby Concierge Service with an Eco Twist

Big Apple Parent, 4/01/08
A New Business Blooms

Channel 7 News, 2/8/08
Baby Planners Help First Time Moms

Pregnancy Magazine Features Itsabelly, 1/08
What's Your Registry Style

2007 Media Buzz

Metro West Daily News, 12/30/07
Nanny and baby consulting companies open in Natick

Metro Parent Magazine, 9/07
Help for New Parents

KOIN News 6, 6/14/07
Help for Expectant Moms

Cool Mom Picks, 5/22/07
The Only Thing They Can't Do Is Push the Kid Out for You