Windy Gossett

Windy Gossett has been surrounded by children most of her adult life. As a teacher and especially as a nanny, Windy learned a lot about the challenges and rewards of raising children. Now, as a parent herself, Windy enjoys watching her two young girls learn and achieve every day. "My girls do and say the funniest things, and their personalities are both so different," Windy says.

Windy loves teaching and guiding parents through all the daunting tasks of parenthood, including registering, home preparation, delivery and just the overall life changes that take place when you bring a new baby home. "There are so many baby products you don't really need, and helping new parents save money is key," she says.

Before becoming a mom, Windy earned a BA in sociology from the University of Washington and an MA in woman's studies from Trinity College in Ireland. For the past two years, Windy has worked as a PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) leader and has helped many people through their transition into parenthood.

When Windy does snatch some much-deserved alone time, she can most likely be found sitting on the sofa eating French fries and watching reruns of British romantic comedies.

If you're in Seattle and would like Windy's services, please send e-mail to or call her at 206-852-2362.