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Babies don't come with an owner's manual, and that's why Itsabelly Baby Planners are here to coach you through some of the tough stuff so you can concentrate on what matters to you most. As Baby Planners we provide Maternity Concierge and Child Proofing services, tailored to meet your specific needs, providing guidance through your pregnancy and helping to take the guesswork and chaos out of one of the most precious times in your life.

As a new parent, sifting through the unimaginable amounts of information, baby gadgets and gizmos to create a baby shower gift registry that suits your lifestyle and budget may be enough to send you into early labor (even if you're the dad). Itsabelly Baby Planners is here to help. We are for everyone and can assist you with every aspect of pregnancy, planning for baby and then living with toddler by providing you with the most up-to-date research and information on all things baby. Whether you're on bed rest due to a high-risk pregnancy, an overwhelmed newbie parent, expecting multiples, going through an intense adoption process or surrogacy, Itsabelly is like your own personal baby concierge who'll save your two most precious resources - time and money. Our sought-after baby planning services include preparing you for pregnancy, baby proofing your home, completing your baby registry, creating a beautiful yet functional nursery or an eco-friendly nursery, guiding you through back-to-work plans and finding childcare.

We know many families are concerned about environmental hazards for baby. That's why we're proud to say we're the first baby planners with Green America's seal of approval, which means we've met all their strenuous criteria for truly being a green company. Itsabelly Baby Planners offers information and guidance on where and how to find safer, gentler, non-toxic products and services for baby - such as items free of parabens, phthalate, 1,4 Dioxane and other chemicals you can't pronounce but know you don't want around your baby. All this information can be found in our book called Itsabelly's Guide to Going Green With Baby (also available at Barnes & Noble and, which was co-authored by Itsabelly Baby Planners founder and MEO (Mom Executive Officer) Melissa Moog. Afterall, Itsabelly's shade of green looks good on baby ... and Mother Earth, too.

We are members of the International Association for Child Safety, which means we've taken the association's Home Hazards Test and have passed with flying colors showing that we have a complete understanding of how to assess a home for baby dangers. We're also one of America's original baby planners and have set and met high standards through The International Baby Planner Association.

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Melissa's popular Baby Planner in a Box, which helps aspiring baby planners start their business, is now in it's fourth creation. For Baby Planner in a Box purchasing information and details, go to our Baby Planner University page to learn more. Want to jump start your career as a Baby Planner? Find out more through our free Baby Planner 101 Telesminars via our blog. If you're interested in becoming an Itsabelly Baby Planners consultant for your city or would like to open your own Itsabelly Baby Planners business, please go to the Opportunities section of this website.

Itsabelly Baby Planners is an insured and registered company.